What To Expect

When you sell with RLV, we won’t just search for comps and conduct our research in a vacuum to pull a listing price and marketing plan out of thin air. That’s because we think it’s important to understand what there is to love about the home from the people who have already loved it for years.

It all starts when we pay a visit to your home. We’ll sit with you, walk through all the finer points, and get to the goods of what you feel are its most sellable qualities. After all, you’re the one who knows about the great view of the sunset from the back patio, the nearby park with the great running trails, or the neighbors who baked you cookies the first week your family moved in.

In the same right, you also know what parts of your home are the squeaky wheel. Like the flickering porch light, or that cupboard that won’t quite close. And, with that kind of knowledge, we can guide you through some meaningful pre-sale improvements that’ll go miles with buyers –

like which rooms of your home will give you the highest return, or which paint colors appeal to most buyers without seeming bland or bare.

It’s all about being able to translate the goods (and bads) of a home to its next potential owner. About making it easier for a buyer to envision their family making memories in the place your family has for years.

Once we understand the home from your perspective, it’s time to put our toolbox to work. That means showcasing your property with insider staging tips, flawless photography, and the best in high-end marketing materials that put your home front and center. It’s a level of attention to detail that flows from the first showcase photo to the last word of your listing description, and a signature trademark of an RLV Home.